As much as we hate admit it, text messaging did not start in the USA. Hard to believe that it was in 2000 that AT&T introduced text messaging to our shores.

On one hand it feels so long ago, but on the other I am often left thinking, “That was just the other day, and now we can’t live without texting.”

What interesting times we live in! SMS’s have transformed not only us, and our day to day lives, but how we’re entertained, too.

SMS stands for Short Message Service, and the length limit really had an impact. 160 characters meant either spilling over and paying for two texts if your message was too long, or… using what is now referred to a ‘sms speak’. It was creativity that caught on and spread all around the world, and boy did it spread quickly.

Stext messageMS to enter this competition, SMS to vote – these are things you couldn’t do before.

But alas, as with most technologies, the SMS has had its’ glory days. There’s something new that we’re using.

It’s lightning fast and limitless in length. Yes, you guessed it – instant messaging.

What once resided purely on computers has not migrated to smart phones and is consuming our lives. There, I said it… but it’s true!

We spend so much of our days looking down or hunched over a screen that I’m beginning to wonder if humans will evolve into wheels.

How do you rank on this chart? What do you use your phone for?