Geo Fencing

By far one of my favorite technologies, this clever thing relies heavily on GPS data.

What is Geo Fencing?

Geo Fencing is a software feature. Using GPS or RFID, the software is able to draw out virtual boundaries based on geographical information supplied.

How is Geo Fencing used?

Do you ever get home from work only to realize that you forgot to stop for bread of milk? Ever left for work without packing your gym gear?

Geo fencing allows users to set up triggers on their smart devices so that when it encroaches on the predefined area, something happens.

The ‘somethings’, or applications (to be more professional) are almost endless, and extremely exciting for businesses.

Some of the options include – sending an sms, setting up alerts, disabling a device, register how devices are used, track assets.

I want to use Geo Fencing!

If you have an iPhone, setting up an alert is relatively simple. In fact, you may already be doing this, completely unaware of the incredible technology you’re using.

First things first – connection.

In order to detect your location, the technology will use iOS Location Services which will look for WiFi (eating into your battery). If none is available, what a pity. WiFi makes things so much faster. Just kidding. If none is available your phone will use your cellular radio to triangulate with the cell towers nearby.

If all else fails, your cell will turn to GPS radio.

Ok, now that is out of the way, here’s how to set up a geo-fence reminder.


  1. Create a reminder on your phone.
  2. Click to add more information to the reminder.
  3. Click ‘remind me at a location’
  4. Enter the address.
  5. Decide if you want to be reminded when you arrive or when you leave the location.
  6. Voila!