For the love of tech

Hey there, looks like you’ve landed on my website. It’s a pretty good place to be if, like me, you love technology. Let me start off by sending out a warm cyber welcome to you. love-technology

Over the years (a fair number, OK) I’ve watched as technologies have emerged, developed and begun to change and shape the world we live in. It’s been fascinating to see how different generations adapt to new developments, and even more fascinating to see how new generations cannot live without certain technologies.

Here on Anna Tech, you’ll find a few of my very favorite technologies, and a little bit of info about how each of them work, and how they can be best used.

If you’ve wound up here by the way of a Google search, and are bursting with questions about something, I implore you to contact me. I’m always available to answer questions and, if even I am stumped by the things you’re trying to find out, I promise to go out of my way to figure it out for you.

I’m sure you’re ready to get started, get learning, and get set to love technology as much as I do.

First up, is GPS. Remember those days before Sat Nav, Google Maps and the little voice in your car (no, it’s not in your head) that lets you know when to ‘Turn left now.’ It’s ok if you said no, there are a whole lot of people in the same boat as you. Off you go then, ‘Click here now’.